How to Get STEPN Sneakers? 

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STEPN is a Web3 way of life application with Social-Fi and Game-Fi components. Clients furnished with NFT Sneakers — walk, run or run outside to procure GST, which can be utilized to step up and mint new Sneakers.

Player can decide to rent or sell their NFT Sneakers on the in-application Marketplace; clients’ GST profit are put away in the in-application Wallet, which has an inherent Swap work.

How to Get STEPN Sneakers?

Steps to Get STEPN Sneakers:

  1. Introduce STEPN App In Your Phone

First Install STEPN application in your telephone from true Website utilizing this url. STEPN give both application to both Android and iPhone.

  1. Join into STEPN App

Presently, Sign up into STEPN application utilizing email address. You will get check code , enter this confirmation code into STEPN application to continue.

  1. Make New Wallet

On the upper right corner, click on the wallet symbol. Presently Create wallet. The application will create 12 word secret expression. Store this expression at safe area and don’t impart this to anybody.

This 12 word secret expression will be utilized to login into wallet and if your failed to remember your secret word, it will assist with recuperating that secret word.

  1. Move SOL into Wallet

Presently, move the SOL into in application wallet to buy NFT Sneakers in the commercial center. Continuously keep some SOL advance into your in application wallet which will be utilized to pay gas expense in the wallet.

  1. Purchase Sneakers

Presently it is the right time to investigate in application commercial center and check which shoe you need to purchase. You can likewise involve channel for kind of inclination to look shoes.

After the finishing the shoe , click on that and do installment in SOL. Ensure you have sufficient SOL in wallet for both buying and gas charge.

Salutation! Good to go. After the acquisition of a Sneaker, energy will reestablish at a pace of 25% like clockwork (Fixed at AEDT Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00) You can begin your STEPN venture following the primary 25% energy reclamation.

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What NFT Sneaker Can not Do in The App?


The NFT Sneaker you can not do in the application is COLLECT ENERGY SHARD.

STEPN Sneaker Types

There are four kinds of Sneakers: Walker, Jogger, Runner and Trainer.

NameOptimal Speed (km/hr)Base Return at Optimal Speed
Walker1 – 64 GST / 1 Energy spent
Jogger4 – 105 GST / 1 Energy spent
Runner8 – 206 GST / 1 Energy spent
Trainer1 – 204 – 6.25 GST / 1 Energy spent

STEPN Sneaker Quality

There are five Sneaker characteristics. At the point when a Sneaker is stamped, the worth of each Attribute will be picked indiscriminately inside the min. furthermore, at the most. values as indicated by Sneaker quality. Thusly, even Sneakers of a similar quality might have immeasurably unique Attribute dispersions.

QualityMin. AttributeMax. Attribute

STEPN Sneaker Level

Clients can step up their Sneakers by consuming GST. Each step up carves out opportunity to finish, which increments alongside how much GST expected by the Sneaker level.

This interaction can be accelerate by utilizing much more GST.Additionally, GMT will likewise be expected to even out a Sneaker to Level 29 and 30.

Upon step up, clients will accomplish 4 — 12 extra Attribute focuses to allocate as per their Sneaker quality.

QualityAttribute Point/Level up

Extra advantages will be opened after arriving at specific level achievements:

MilestoneTriggered Event
Level 5Unlocks Socket 1
Level 5Unlocks Shoe-minting
Level 10Unlocks Sneaker Lease function
Level 10Unlocks Socket 2
Level 15Unlocks Socket 3
Level 20Unlocks Socket 4
Level 30Unlocks GMT earning

At max level, client need to pick between procuring GST or GMT. Exchanging between GST/GMT acquiring is permitted, yet will be likely to a cooldown length.


STEPN is worked around a fundamental everyday movement for a great many people — moving around. We are the principal undertaking to actually rejuvenate a working move&earn idea, completing fourth out of 500+ ventures at the Solana Ignition Hackathon 2021.

Clients furnish themselves with NFTs as Sneakers. By strolling, running, or running outside, clients will procure game money, which can either be utilized in-game, or changed out for benefit.


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